Artist Statement

I am interested in using photography to explore themes of gender, self-identity and sexuality through the genre of self-portraiture. My interest in self-portraiture stems from the psychological release in self-exploration – I find photographing myself both therapeutic and detrimental. Throughout my oeuvre, I turn the camera inward as I photograph the idiosyncratic nuances of my psychological state and surroundings.

Self-portraiture is a well-explored genre that has been mastered by many in the photographic medium. Thus, while I find my work settling into a well-versed song of imagery, I see my photographs exploring contemporary measures. The work looks at modern themes of gender, self-identity, and sexuality, while relentlessly exhibiting a tone of isolation. Through my work, I use the camera to examine myself as female, lover, and lonely being. While being the subject of my photography often proves to create feelings of vulnerability, it also provides an opportunity for me to explore myself from the outside world. I think that this ebb and flow of self-portraiture makes it a beautiful and telling genre.